A mobile ticket’s validity for a journey can be based on more than just the ticket coverage map. 

In some instances, operators may run services that are within a ticket coverage map but where mobile tickets with that ticket coverage are not valid. For example, school services, football special services, and special event services. To ensure mobile tickets are not incorrectly displayed in these circumstances operators can configure a ticket coverage to exclude specific lines.

Operators are increasingly moving towards multi-operator journey planning, but not all tickets are valid on other operators' vehicles. Ticket coverages can be configured to explicitly exclude specific operators so that any tickets with that ticket coverage are not displayed for journey plans involving those excluded operators.

To exclude lines or operators from the ticket coverage you need to navigate to the Tickets tile in Passenger Cloud and from the left-hand menu select ‘Ticket Coverages’.

Select the ticket coverage that you wish to edit and scroll down to ‘Excluded lines’ which shows a list of all the lines for each of the operators that appear in your TransXChange. From here you can select the lines and/or operators to exclude. In addition, you can also type in the input box to filter the list of options to make it easier to find the desired option. To exclude all lines for an operator select the operator from the list of ‘Excluded operators’. 

Please note, you can select multiple lines from the list at once. If you wish to deselect a line or operator, simply click the "X" next to that line or operator name in the input field above the list.

Once you have selected all that needs to be excluded, press save.

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