There may be a small number of ticket products that you would prefer not to display in journey plans. The most common reason for this is that the validity of the ticket is very complicated and cannot be configured in Passenger Cloud, and so has been detailed in a ticket’s description. In instances like this, we cannot determine whether the ticket is valid for a journey plan so operators may prefer not to display it to remove the possibility of recommending it whilst invalid. It is worthwhile exploring here whether the ticket validity requirements need to be as complicated as they are, as this increases the likelihood of users not understanding them correctly.

There may be some cases where a ticket product applies to a small niche of users and the operator would prefer not to raise their profile by including them in journey plans. We don’t expect this to be a common scenario.

It is possible to exclude mobile ticket products from journey plan search results by unticking the ‘Include in search results’ option on the Ticket details screen when creating a new ticket product or when editing an existing ticket product.

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