Operators with more than a small number of tickets are encouraged to organise them by category because this helps end users find their desired tickets faster than having to search in a long list. However, it is likely that there are a small number of tickets that are much more popular than all the other tickets and in cases like this, we would recommend assigning this ticket to both the Featured category and the category it would naturally be organised into. This will help to reduce the friction for end users so that they can find and buy the ticket they are most likely to want much faster.

On web and in app, tickets that are assigned to the Featured category display above the list of categories that an operator has configured.

'Featured Tickets' is a potentially valuable tool for operators as it allows you to reduce the friction felt by your customers when buying popular tickets (because they can be promoted 'above' any categories) and also allows you to feature tickets that might be tied into other promotions you are doing.