For Passenger customers who have web-to-mobile eCommerce enabled, customers can purchase mobile app tickets using our website platform.

Customers can either create a new account or login to an existing account which is shared with our mobile apps, or they can checkout as a guest.

When checking out as a guest, the user will not have an account to link the purchased ticket to so they will be sent two emails after completing the purchase: a payment confirmation email, and a gift code email which also contains instructions on how to download the app and redeem tickets within it.

The gift code will not be tied to a particular user so it can be used by the purchaser or shared with someone else as a gifted ticket.

Because the ticket wasn't purchased using a logged-in account, there is no traceability of this purchase within Passenger Cloud in terms of finding and managing that ticket until it has been claimed by a user. The sale will contribute and appear within payments and sales reports, but management of that ticket including cancelling it and refunding the purchase will not be available.

Once the ticket has been claimed by a user, the ticket can be cancelled and removed from their account, however, refunds will have to be manually processed through Stripe as there is no link to the purchaser, which is normally where you'd find the refund option with Passenger Cloud.

If a customer has made a purchase as a guest but is claiming that they have not received the gift code to redeem the ticket, it is worth reminding them to check their spam/junk folders or making sure that emails are able to be delivered to their email server. 

If you are having trouble finding a gift code, please contact our Help Desk team by emailing