Internet connection is required initially to purchase and activate a ticket.

Once the ticket is activated, the customer can continue using their ticket for 3 days without having an internet connection. After 3 days, the ticket must be checked against our servers for security, and as such the customer needs to reconnect again.

The app displays the last connection time at the bottom of the ticket list in the app once the ticket is purchased. This helps the user to see that they will need to reconnect.

Tickets are checked each time the customer's ticket list (the view you reach when tapping "Mobile Tickets" from the sidebar) or a ticket is opened if an internet connection is available. We also check in the background every 12 hours on Android, so a majority of customers will not reach the security check of 3 days.

A customer can also set alerts in the app settings to be notified when the tickets need to be refreshed.

For tickets that display a QR Code

Tickets that display a QR code do not require an internet connection to generate new QR codes. These QR codes are generated on the device.

The same rules above apply to QR code tickets for 'checking in' with an active ticket within 3 days.