There are two ways to brand a ticket category. These can be used together or independently. You can set these via Passenger Cloud in the 'Categories and ticket ordering' section of the Ticket Manager, by either selecting an existing category to edit or by creating a new category.


When uploading a logo for a ticket category, you need to follow certain dimensions for your image. This ensures the logo is always displayed at the best resolution across different screen sizes, and that the apps don't have to download large files.

For the best results, set up your file at 474x72px. If your logo is less than 474px wide, then make sure the height is at least 72px.

The image can include transparency.

Please note that adding a logo replaces the title of the category so whatever image you add, it should be easily identifiable. 


You can also setup the colours for a category. The "background colour" changes the background of the category. The "foreground colour" changes the text colour.

The background and foreground colours are set in hex. (e.g White = FFFFFF). This overrides the default colours defined in your app theme. We recommend setting both colours, to ensure they match and have good contrast. We suggest using a contrast checker to ensure that the colours are easy to read and accessible, here is an example of a contrast checker website you could use.

Changing the colour should be done with caution. It is a useful tool for making a particular category stand out above others, but having every category a different colour will impact the users ability to scan the list easily for their desired ticket. 

Secondary colours can only be used in supported apps.


The image below has two branded categories.

One is using a logo (Set at 72px tall). The other is using the foreground/background colours.