As well as selling individual mobile tickets, you can also sell these in multiples. These are often referred to as 'multi-trip' tickets, 'carnets' or 'books' of tickets.

Customer advantages:

  • These are usually priced slightly cheaper in exchange for larger volume sales (and therefore increased commitment to travel)
  • Action to repeat purchase is required less frequently

Operator advantages:

  • Higher value average ticket sales and reduced transaction fees on sales

Setting up a multi-trip ticket

To offer a multi-trip version of your tickets, go to the Tickets tile in Passenger Cloud (if you have appropriate permissions) and create a new ticket as you normally would. To make the ticket into a multi-trip ticket, simply add a quantity to the 'Quantity' option.

Make sure you give your new ticket an appropriate title and description and when you're ready to release it, check the 'Available for purchase' option.