When creating or editing tickets, you can define the sales channels that the ticket may be purchased via.

These are: 

  • Mobile apps - where customers can purchase mobile tickets directly from their smartphone device.
  • Travel Portal - where your organisations with business accounts can purchase mobile tickets for their customers to use on their smartphone devices. This option is always visible but is only relevant if you have our Travel Portal module.
  • Websites - customers can purchase mobile tickets or smartcard tickets through the website, to then use with their smartphone device or smartcard respectively. This option is always visible but is only relevant if you have our Web to Mobile module.

Mobile tickets and smartcard ticket products can be made available or unavailable (without requiring any changes to the sales channel option). If you select 'Remove ticket from sale', that ticket product (i.e Mobile ticket or smartcard ticket) is not available for purchase via any of the selected sales channels and complimentary tickets can not be given for that ticket. If you decide to 'Make available for sale', the ticket is available for purchase and complimentary tickets are available.

This can be useful for promotional tickets and selling ticket products from a certain date. You may have the Smartcard ticket product available whilst the Mobile ticket product is unavailable, and vice-versa.

Removing a ticket from sale only affects the purchasing of new tickets. It does not remove tickets that have already been sold to passengers (whether activated or not). It also does not remove any sales history.