Opt-in marketing is a feature that allows users to provide consent to receive follow-up communication and offers. It allows companies to provide targeted information and marketing content to users, direct to their email addresses.

When creating an account for the first time, or if in the settings menu for an already existing account, customers can opt in or out of receiving marketing communications from operators. Pre-existing customer accounts need only navigate to the Notification Settings menu within the main Settings menu of the app, and see the following two options:

The names and email addresses of users that have opted in will be added to a CSV file which is published each night to your SFTP server. An Operator-managed CRM system should collect that file regularly and update their own mailing lists. If the user later opts out of email marketing (via their user preferences in the app or web), their name and address will be removed from the published CSV file. Users can change their opt-in preference at any time, in their account. If the user chooses to opt out at any time, their data will be removed.

Passenger provides the platform for collecting user data through marketing opt-ins during registration. As the data processor, we ensure the security and integrity of the data collected. However, the responsibility for the collection, management, and usage of this data lies with you, who act as data controllers. Please refer to your company’s GDPR and data compliance policies to ensure the data is handled appropriately.

If you are interested in this feature, get in touch with your Customer Success Manager to begin the process. If you do not have an SFTP server, or the resources to set one up, get in touch with your Customer Success Manager to discuss options as we might still be able to help.