In order for new staff to be added to Passenger Cloud, they will need to complete any necessary courses on Passenger Academy, which correlate directly to the staff roles and capabilities the new staff member requires. The full list of staff roles available on Passenger Cloud, along with their specific capabilities, can be found here: Staff Roles on Passenger Cloud

New staff will need to complete a password reset to log in to their account. They can use the following link to gain access:

When requesting a new staff member to be added to Passenger Cloud, please email us at with the following information:

- Staff member's full name

- Staff's member email address

- The required roles for the new staff member. These and their descriptions can be found in our help article Staff Roles on Passenger Cloud.

We will then enrol the new staff member in the courses required to access these roles, via Passenger Academy. Once these courses have been completed, the system will let us know automatically via a daily update, and we can then add the new staff member to Passenger Cloud manually, with all necessary permissions.