To upload on-the-bus fare data, first navigate to the Fares section in Passenger Cloud, from a tile on the dashboard.

In the Fares section there are two sections, the first one is for ‘Published fares’ and the second one is for ‘Draft fares’. Before you can publish your NeTEx data, you will need to upload it into the draft section.

To upload your NeTEx data click on the pink ‘Upload fares data’ button. 

You will then need to choose your file and click 'Start upload'. The format required is a single zip file containing all the fare data for your network, represented in the NeTEx format.

After uploading a dataset, it may take a few minutes to upload but once it has you will be able to preview the data, download it, and publish it. Currently, we only import fares for single and return fare products.

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