When a user logs in and is directed to the account page a new menu item “Account details” has been added.

Clicking on this menu item reveals the actions that can now be taken against the account.

Each of these actions requires additional input from the user to prevent mistaken clicks. Additional security is added by requiring the user to enter the account password again to prevent unauthorised actions from being taken against the account.

Mobile Apps

In mobile apps locating the “Account details” menu item is as simple as clicking on the hamburger menu, then “Settings”, and then scrolling to the “User account” section.

Settings view with 'Account details' link highlighted

On mobile apps you will be presented with 3 actions: change email, reset password and delete account.

User account management

Each action requires additional user input to prevent accidental changes. Account deletion and email change both require password confirmation. Password reset requires the user to confirm their account email address.

Update email address

Reset password

Delete account