There are several reasons as to why a journey may not be fully or partially running as scheduled. In these cases, you may wish to cancel the journey within Passenger Cloud. You have the choice of whether or not to display cancelled journeys on departure boards, to provide clarity for customers by making it explicit that a specific journey is cancelled.

You can configure these journey cancellation display settings in Passenger Cloud by navigating to Network, Journey Cancellations, and then selecting the Settings option from the left-hand menu. There are three possible options:

1. Departure boards will omit cancelled journeys

2. Departure boards will Show cancelled journeys

3. Departure boards will show cancelled journeys, unless there is a duplicate service arriving within "x" minutes.

 Further details about these options can be found in the below-linked article named "Guide to cancelling journeys".

It is always preferable to upload a new TransXChange dataset for long-term network changes, journey cancellations should be used sparingly where this is not possible.

Using the Journey Cancellations section of Passenger Cloud, you can: 

  • Cancel a line (inbound, outbound, or both).
  • Cancel one or more whole journeys.
  • Partially cancel a journey - certain stops or multiple stops within a single journey.
  • Partially cancel multiple journeys - certain stops or multiple stops within multiple journeys that share the same journey pattern.

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