Go to the Network → Journey cancellations section of Passenger Cloud.


1. Select “Cancel a journey” 


2. Select a date, and a service then click “Find Journeys” 


3. Select the journeys to cancel 

All journeys (inbound and outbound) for the selected service and date will be displayed.

To aid with finding the journeys to cancel quickly, you can; 

  • Use the search bar to narrow your search e.g. outbound or 8:25 or by start stop and end stop.

  • Use table headers to sort your search results e.g. by Direction, start time, start stop and end stop.



Once you have selected the journeys to cancel (individually or via “Select all journeys”), you have 2 options: 

  1. Click “Cancel the whole journey” - this will fully cancel all the selected journeys.

    • These journeys will then be removed from departure boards and journey plans only.

  2. Click “Cancel part of the journey” - this will present a new page where you can select the stops within the selected journey(s) to cancel.

    • These journeys will then be removed from departure boards only. When only part of a journey has been cancelled, journey plans are not updated to exclude these journeys.


Creating partial journey cancellations


When partially cancelling a single journey, you are presented with the list of stops and visit times for that journey to cancel:  


When partially cancelling multiple journeys, you are presented with a list of stops per journey pattern: 


This view can become more complex depending on the amount and similarity of the journeys selected.

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