Lines are imported upon uploading a draft TransXChange dataset (not when a dataset is published).

Lines are uniquely identified by a combination of their operator code and line name.

If a line was not previously imported with that identifier, a new line is created, from the following fields (Passenger → TransXChange): 

  • Name - Line → LineName
  • Description - Service → Description
  • Directions - StandardService → Origin/Destination/Vias
  • Detail - Vias of the first direction
  • Start / End Date - Service → OperatingPeriod
    • If no start date is defined, the current date is used
    • If no end date is defined, a year from the start date is used

If the line already exists, then certain fields are updated: 

  • The start date is updated if the new value is before the existing value
  • The end date is updated if the new value is after the existing value
  • New directions are added if not previously seen - existing directions are not updated.

Lines are managed within the “Network” → “Lines” section in Passenger Cloud.

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