When a customer requests you validate their account, you can do this via Passenger Cloud. Simply log in and search for the customer account using their email address as normal.

Select 'Ticket Verifications' from the left-hand menu and if the customer has completed the required steps in the app, you will see a pending verification.

To verify the customer, you need to check their ID. You can check any form of photo ID that your company accepts, e.g. passport, drivers license, etc. Once you have seen this and you can confirm that the individual is valid, you should confirm the type (e.g. student or child), the expiry date of the verification and enter the type of ID shown.

The photo should be a clear likeness. If it is not you should advise the customer to retake the photo of themselves using the app and then represent for verification. The photo will appear on a customer's ticket and must be clear enough for a driver to use as validation when the customer is boarding a vehicle.

Once you have verified the customer, they will be able to activate the ticket they have bought as soon as they are ready. They will also be able to buy additional tickets in future without the need for verification again until the verification expiry date has been reached.