Validating a QR code

Customers should scan their tickets under the QR reader, and the ETM (Electronic Ticket Machine) will determine whether the ticket is valid. 

Validating a boarding code (or 'word of the day')

If any of the following conditions are not met then the ticket should be considered invalid:

  • boarding code (or "number/word of the day") is correct
  • animation is running across the boarding code
  • coverage (zone) at the top of the ticket covers the correct area
  • time on the ticket is correct (to within a few minutes) and changing every second

If drivers are in doubt then they should ask the customer to go back to the ticket list, then select the ticket again to prove it is valid.

Read more about what happens if the customer's ticket is displaying the wrong boarding code.

Inspectors wishing to validate an expired ticket

For those of you with ticket inspections in operation, a list of 'recently expired tickets' is available in the app so that users can demonstrate they have validity to travel after their ticket has expired but they are still travelling on the vehicle. The list is accessible from the settings menu and shows ticket activation, expiry time/date and the coverage area. Expiry is stored offline in case the ticket expires while the user does not have internet access.

Sidebar > Settings > Recently expired tickets

Tickets are visible in this list on the same day that they expire but this list is cleared after midnight.

This list is intended to be used by an inspector for validating that an active ticket was available at the time of boarding. The inspector should be ready to advise the customer how to access this list in the app. The customer can then show the inspector the expired ticket information without the need for the inspector to handle the customer's device in any way. 

General notes

Passengers who believe their ticket should be valid should contact customer support via the app.