You can refund a ticket that has been gifted by logging in to Passenger Cloud and searching for the email address of the customer who bought the ticket in the 'Customer Support' section. 

Once you have located the correct account, click on the 'Gift Codes' section in the left-hand menu to see a list of gift codes that have been purchased on this account. You can also see the type of ticket purchased, when it was purchased, the recipient email, whether the code has been redeemed and the date it was redeemed.  

By clicking on a particular code, you can refund the gifted ticket.

Please note, if you refund a gifted ticket prior to the code being used, the code will no longer work. If the code has already been used, the gifted ticket will continue to work even if you refund the cost of the ticket.

If the code has been redeemed, clicking on claimed by email will take you to the account that claimed the code. You have the option at this stage to remove the ticket from the recipient's account so it will no longer be valid for travel.