Premium apps and websites have a directory of attractions and events for operators to promote local destinations and activities. This feature is designed to keep users in the app and adds value to your service, whilst encouraging users to travel with operators when planning a visit to these locations.

Adding events and attractions

Events and Attractions content is managed via Passenger Content (Drupal CMS). Firstly, select the "Content" tab in the toolbar at the top of the page.

You can then select "the Add Content" button and choose the "Attractions" or "Events" option from the following page. You can also filter and search for existing content using the corresponding drop-down menus and selecting "Filter", or apply actions to selected content items by choosing the action from the relevant drop-down menu and selecting "Apply To Selected Items".

When you have selected either Attraction or Event, fill in the necessary content details.


Category Filters will only appear if attractions have been assigned to a category. Unassigned attractions are listed in the "All" category by default. Additionally, categories need to be enabled per Operator before use, and this can be done simply by contacting your CSM who will arrange this for you.

Categories List

IconCategory/Default Label
Food & Drink
Leisure & Entertainment
The Great Outdoors
Family Fun
Arts & Culture
Days Out & Tours
Active & Sports
Animals & Nature