To display on-bus fares to users across apps and websites, the fare dataset needs to be published. To do this, come back to the main fares screen and in the ‘draft fares’ section you can click ‘publish it here.’

The dataset will then move up to the Published fares section. From here you will see the date and time when the data was uploaded, you can download the original source or preview the dataset.

Clicking ‘preview it here’ will take you through to the fare preview tools such as the fares preview, fare triangle and Journey Plan preview. 

Uploading a new fare dataset

If you have had a fare change or added new products you will need to upload a new NeTEx fare dataset. To do this you need to come back into the Fares tile in Passenger Cloud, navigate to the ‘Draft fares’ section and select ‘Upload fares data’. You will then need to go through the testing and checking to ensure you are happy with everything before publishing that data for the customers to see in apps and on websites. This then replaces the current dataset. Only one fare dataset can be published at any time.

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