Destination names come from the destination name provided by the SIRI-SM feed, with a fallback to the name defined within your TransXChange. 

In order of preference, the following fields are used: 

  1. SIRI-SM DestinationName
  2. SIRI-SM DirectionName
  3. TransXChange DynamicDestinationDisplay
  4. TransXChange JourneyPattern → DestinationDisplay
  5. Last stop’s locality name
  6. Last stop’s common name

Truncated destination names

Some legacy systems do not support destination names beyond a certain number of characters.

To prevent breaking these legacy systems, some TransXChange exporter suppliers truncate the destination names by default.

Passenger does not require truncated destination names - you should change your export settings to ensure the full destination names are provided. 

Departure board
Departure board with a truncated destination name 
(R B Hospital)

For example, from the screenshot of OmniTimes below, set the “Shorten (Dynamic)DestinationDisplay text” option to No


When uploading new TransXChange to suppliers, full destination names should start to be displayed to passengers.

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