Operator codes are the core piece of data all other network information is built around, they are imported upon uploading a TransXChange dataset.

Passenger only supports using one identifier per operator, historically this has defaulted to the OperatorCode field as that’s was most commonly used.

Passenger can change this configuration to prefer using the NationalOperatorCode field upon request, this is done by default for newly on-boarded customers.

A new operator is created within Passenger Cloud when a new or different operator code is used within a TransXChange file that has not been used before.

This means changing the code defined within your TransXChange will import a new operator, and all of your lines will be re-imported under this new operator - causing duplication on the line list on websites and apps.

Operator codes need to match between your TransXChange and any 3rd party suppliers, if these codes are changed it can often lead to downtime unless the changes are properly managed.

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