Lines that are very similar in the route they take can be linked together, this offers passengers different options for their journey when viewing timetables.

The line list will present the linked lines together:  

The timetable view will display the linked lines together:

The timetable shows all relevant journeys for all linked lines, with the line name in the table column header. 

Note that linking lines that are not similar will lead to timetables with lots of "-" and will be confusing to users - we recommend only linking lines for similar routes.

Linking lines in Passenger Cloud

Navigate to the “Network” → “Lines” section in Passenger Cloud, then select the primary line (for example, line 2 from the example above). Then, scroll down to the “Linked Lines” section.

Here you have the choice to select one or multiple lines by simply clicking on the associated lines. 

To confirm your changes, click the 'Save' button at the bottom of the page. 

To un-link lines, deselect all actively selected lines then click ‘Save’. 

Note that if multiple lines are selected, you cannot unlink a single line in one action - you must un-link all lines, save, then link the desired lines.

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