On apps and websites the line list page lists all persistent lines:


Lines appear if the start and end dates are within range of the current date, and they have been added to the Root level category. 

You can add a line to the route level by navigating to "Network" → "Lines" → "Categories" → "Root level lines" → "Add lines". Please note that you still must add lines to the Root level category, even if you are not currently using Service Categories.

Note that lines will appear in the line list even if they aren't currently running in the published and current dataset.

This is because line information is stored separately in Passenger Cloud to a dataset. So, if the line is running in future datasets the information for that line isn't required to be uploaded from scratch to Passenger Cloud. 

You can, however, import a network update including new and removed services, and manage which lines appear in the app and on the website at any given time, regardless of the operating period of the network dataset. 

Navigate to “Network” → “Lines” section in Passenger Cloud, and select the line you want to edit. From here you'll be able to set start and end dates for when the line should be visible to users. 

If this information is set incorrectly, lines can be shown with no timetables. Updating the end date to reflect the date in the past that the line finished running will prevent the line from being visible.

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