For premium customers using our CMS, you can display Related Content to the Service Listings page within the sidebar of the Service Listings page.

On websites, the Service Listings page is the page that displays the full list of services that appear within your TransXChange. Often the page will be hosted at /services but some operators may have opted to change this to /timetables or something similar.

Related Content is displayed in the right sidebar of the page on desktop or above the listings on mobile. This is a useful way to direct users to other service-related content information such as schools and colleges or contract services that don't appear within the main TransXChange list. Related Content will be shown as the page title below a line of text that reads “Jump to:” as a simple link.

Adding Related Content

  1. Create (or edit) a page in the CMS for the service listing page itself. Ensure it has the same URL alias (most of the time this will be /services but you should check which URL your Service Listings page is currently hosted at as it may be different).

  2. Once created, you can add Related Content to that created page, and upon saving, it will display in the right sidebar (desktop) or above (mobile) the Service Listings page.