Here is a list of the most commonly asked questions and answers surrounding our discount codes feature.

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Why can't I create a discount of 100%?

A discount cannot take the cost of the ticket below 30p, which is the minimum charge due to Stripe processing rules. 

Why can't I discount below 30p?

30p is the minimum charge under Stripe processing rules.

The system will provide the user with an appropriate error message if they try to use a code that would take the price below 30p. Operators should therefore be careful that any codes created for specific tickets will not take them below 30p.

What happens if there are 2 or more valid codes that could be automatically applied to the ticket?

The code that provides the largest discount will be applied.

Can discounts ever apply to recurring payments?

Discount codes cannot currently be used with recurring payments or subscriptions.

Can limits be put on the total number of times a discount code can be used (i.e. across all users)?

No, at present any limits are only per user.

Why do we need to verify the email address of the account before they can apply a discount code?

This is a fraud and abuse prevention feature. Firstly, to apply any email domain restrictions, we need to be sure that the user actually has access to that email account, and also to enforce any usage limitations (e.g. can only be used once per user), then we need to be sure that someone isn't signing up with fake email addresses in order to claim the code.

How do I see the usage of a particular code?

The discount code used will appear as part of a payment record, so will be visible in the Payments report under the finance section of Passenger Cloud.

If I am an operator with multiple Passenger Cloud instances, can I use the same code across each instance?

Yes although you will need to set these up separately within each instance. You just cannot use the same code within each Passenger Cloud instance.

If a code has expired, can I use that code again at a later date?

No, each code has to be unique. This helps keep track of campaigns and reduces confusion for end users.

With regards to auditing, can we see who has set up a discount code?

No, this is not something that can currently be done. However, it is only those staff members with access to the Tickets section of Passenger Cloud that can create and manage discount codes.

If we want to end a discount code earlier than planned, can we change the expiry date?

Yes, you can curtail the valid to date/time at any time, or you can press the 'Expire discount code' button to expire it instantly.

Can the same code be used to provide varying discounts across multiple products? For example, £1.50 off a dayrider but £12 off a weekly ticket? 

No, this is not possible. A discount code can only provide one fixed or percentage discount across one or multiple products, but the level of the discount cannot vary per product.

For domain-restricted codes, how does an existing app user activate their email address if they've already registered for the app?

For app users who had an account prior to the launch of discount codes and therefore did not activate their email address, they will be required to activate it prior to using any domain-restricted discount codes. An activation email will be triggered and sent when they try to use a domain-restricted discount code at the checkout process. A message will appear in the app reading 'We need to confirm your email address for this discount. We've emailed you some instructions'. Once the user has then activated their email account, they will be able to try using that discount code again and should b