Inviting users to manage a business account

To access a business account within the Travel Portal, first a user needs to be invited.

In Passenger Cloud

Inviting a user to a business works very much the same way that ‘adding’ a user did before in Passenger Cloud. To invite a user to a business, select the business and then select ‘View business users’.

From there you will be able to see all the existing users who have accepted an invite to manage that business from within the Travel Portal and be able to invite other users to do so (including yourself, using you own email address, if you’d like to).

Inviting a user in the Business Customers section of Passenger Cloud

All users created through Passenger Cloud are Admins.

A user may be invited to manage more than one business account. As an operator, this makes it possible for you to add your own email address to as many business accounts as necessary so that you can manage them on behalf of the businesses if this is something you are doing as part of your arrangement with them.

In the Travel Portal

With the Admin role, you can also invite users to manage a business from within the Travel Portal by going to the ‘Settings’ page and clicking ‘Invite user’. Here you may also select the role of the user.

Inviting a user from the Settings section of Travel Portal

There is no requirement to choose a user’s password for them. When accepting an invite the user will be given the option to set their own password if they do not already have an account.

An invitation email to join a business account