Getting out and taking photographs has never been easier. In the examples above, they could be acquired by running out to a bus and taking some close-up shots of people’s hands using a smartphone and upload them to the website. These images could be edited uniformly to give brand recognition across the site.

Stock photography

If you can’t take your own photos, there are plenty of places to get free or paid stock photography that looks great and doesn’t look like stock photography.

Screenshots on phones

You can also use online tools to put screenshots onto real photographs of phones.

Photos of your buses in the public domain

There are plenty of photographs on Flickr of your buses. These are also often deliberately tagged with a licence to reproduce the image (that does not require payment) so you can go ahead and use them! Why not also thank that user with a link back? They’ll probably be delighted you’re using their photo.

Search on Flickr for your bus company and you’re sure to find plenty of high-quality photos.

Use the search tools on Google to search for images of your bus company and show images that are free to re-use and of a high resolution.


Illustrations can add great flavour and imagination where a photograph cannot. Illustrations should be consistent across the board to reinforce your brand.