Event pages are more dynamic content that supplements the attractions pages. It’s unlikely that an individual event page will gain too much traffic, but it’s important to have content on the site that search engines can see is being regularly added to.


When it comes to locations, what applies to attractions, also applies to events. Be as specific as possible, mentioning neighbourhoods and specific areas rather than just the main town, e.g. Blackpool, Reading, Cardiff, etc.

Recurring Events

For a recurring event that happens every week/month/year, have one page that covers the event and keep it updated with new dates and content. Other sites will link to content that’s always up-to-date. Keep temporal data (e.g. “march”, “2017”) out of the URL, but mention it on the page.

Event content in mobile apps

This content can also be made available to your mobile apps with no extra effort. With this additional use of the event content, we need to consider how well the featured images will work on mobile.

Including a location

Events will often occur at an Attraction that already exists in Passenger Content. You can associate an Event with an Attraction. This will automatically show a location map on the Event page. This helps users to navigate from the event listing by tapping the 'Get me here' option.

If an appropriate Attraction doesn't exist, you can add a specific location to the Event. We highly recommend you do this to help people use your transport options to arrive at the Event!