What is a content summary?

A page summary is used when previewing a page. For example, when a user is looking at a list of attractions, the summary appears alongside the attraction title and helps to communicate to the user what the attraction is all about.

Why are they important?

Summaries help to communicate what a page is all about before a user selects it. From a marketing perspective if you want someone to look at your content, this is your opportunity to sell it to them. It's important to make it easy to read and clear what the actual content is going to be about. Keep it short and sweet!

The summary is also picked up by Google search for Articles, Attractions and Events so it's important to add a descriptive summary that helps the user understand the content from the search engine results pages.

How to edit the summary?

To add a summary, edit the post in question and click into the Summary field above the main editor. You can then write a summary, up to the limit of the field. Remember to keep it short and sweet, so that it easy to read at a glance.