This article shares some tips for creating really great Reward content for your customers.

Once your team has set up great discounts and deals with local businesses, you can easily share these with customers in your mobile app.

This article aims to help you use marketing best practices to get users to engage with your Reward content, once they have all been set up.

Creating a Reward title

Use an exciting title to encourage users to find out more about the Reward. This might include how they can use the deal or discount to enjoy something rather than a straightforward description of the deal itself.

For example "Have fun with the kids summer" would be better than the title "10% discount".

Don't repeat the business name in the title as this will be displayed separately directly above the title.


Add a summary description

Adding a short, concise summary of the reward will help your customers to scan it quickly, and decide if it is relavant for them, as they are scrolling through the feed.

Aim to pick out the key points of the deal, or discount, and write this in conjunction with the catchy title. Users will be reading these together, so write them with one leading into the other.

Use a great feature image

Capture the imagination of your customers with a great feature image. If the business you've set up the deal with isn't able to provide a great photo, maybe consider using stock imagery to get a professional experience in your app.

The more engaging and enticing the image you use is, the more customers will engage with the deal and make use of it. This will then make them feel happy that they've travelled with you, instead of in a different way.


Add the location

Make sure you add the location where the offer can be redeemed. The app will automatically link the offer to the location using the journey planner - with a button labelled "Get Me Here".