On the web we are able to create links that can send the user to elsewhere on the page. This is most commonly used for a table of contents, or a list of FAQ items that the user can click to see.

Setting up the destination

First off, we'll need to create the anchor that the user can be sent to. This is usually applied to a heading or chapter title.

Select the text you want to add as a destination and press the Flag icon in the CMS edit bar. This pops up the 'Anchor properties'. Give this a memorable but unique name, perhaps summarising the heading title.

Setting up the link

Once we've created the anchor - or multiple anchors - we'll want to edit the link that will send the user to the anchor when clicked.

Select the text you want to be clickable and press the link button - it looks like a chain. The link window pops up, and you'll see the 'Link Type' dropdown - change this to 'Link to anchor in the text' and then select the target anchor you want by selecting it in the 'By Anchor Name' dropdown.

Press 'Ok' and the link will be created.

For large amounts of content

If the content you're sending the user to is very long or substantial, consider splitting it into a seperate page and link to it.