Some customers may wish to delete their account if they are no longer using the service. It is an important part of UK data protection law that a user should be able to do this if they wish.

You can delete their account in Passenger Cloud by searching for the customer's email in the Customer Support section and clicking on 'Delete Account' underneath the account email address on the main customer support page. Once 'Delete account' has been clicked you will be asked to type 'DELETE' in the text box to confirm the deletion. 

Please note that once a customer's account is deleted, this action cannot be reversed. The customer's payment information and purchase history will still be available to access in Stripe but the customer will no longer be able to use any tickets that they have bought. 

The customer can re-register at a later date using the same email address if they wish.

Important note: Please ensure you acquire sufficient validation that the user owns the email address.