Passenger Cloud has different levels of access based on the roles granted. These can be finely controlled, giving access to different combinations of capabilities, but are broadly defined as follows:

Customer support agentView customer tickets and verify child/student accounts, overturn Login Lock
Customer support supervisorIssue complimentary tickets, refunds and disable tickets
Finance agentExport revenue data and bank transfers
Ticket product managerManage mobile tickets available for sale
Network managerManage network datasets (TXC) imports, link lines and manage associated assets (Timetable, Map and Fare PDF's)
Ticket inspectorManage fines and revenue protection
AuditorView reports of other staff member's actions
Staff ManagerAuthorized to request changes to permissions of other users (via the help desk).
Journey Manager
Create and manage cancellations for journeys
Disruption Manager Creates and manages disruption alerts

Please get in touch via if you require any assistance with creating or managing new accounts for Passenger Cloud.