If you’ve received a development build of your app, this page will help you purchase tickets.

When the app is in development mode, normal cards are not accepted. No money can change hands, but you are still able to ‘buy’ tickets.


To purchase a ticket, enter the following card details:

  • Card number: 4242 4242 4242 4242
  • Expiry: 01/23
  • CVV: 123
  • Postcode: Any valid UK postcode (or just AB123CD)
  • ‘Buy’ a ticket, activate it, then view the ticket.

That’s it, you’re done!

Google Pay

If Google Pay is enabled for the app, and you have the Google Pay app installed (install from here), you will see a "Google Pay" payment method option in the select payment method screen. You will need to ensure that the text says "Google Pay - test". This indicates that it is using the sandbox environment for Google Pay and will not make actual payments.

To test Google Pay you will need to add a real card to the Google Pay app. Once you have added a card, tap the "Pay with Google Pay" button in the ticket checkout screen. A sheet will appear with your Google Pay details. Tap pay and the purchase should be made.

Note: Ignore the Google Pay warning that says "Unrecognised app", that will disappear once the app has been approved by Google

Apple Pay

Development builds are not currently setup to support Apple Pay, this means it will not appear as a payment option in test builds. 

What happens when the app is live?

Test cards do not work when the app is released and set to live mode.