You may be familiar with Android widgets, these are shortcuts that users can place on their home screen to allow quick access to certain parts of an app.

The iOS equivalents are Today Extensions and Home Screen Quick Actions

Today Extensions

Today extensions are accessible from the phones 'Today View'. You can get to this on an iOS device by swiping right on the home screen or pulling down the notifications bar from the top of the screen and then swiping right (see first gif below). The extensions are not enabled by default, you need to tap the 'Edit' button and then add the Passenger app which will have the same name as the main application (see second gif below).

Once the today extension has been enabled, users can use it to gain quick access to their favourites and their tickets as demonstrated in the next gif.

Home Screen Quick Actions

To use the quick actions, the user must have a 3D Touch enabled device, this means an iPhone 6s or newer. Quick Actions allow the user to 'Force Touch' on the app icon and open a list of quick actions. You will notice the today widget is also displayed at the top of this list (the force touch is a harder press than your standard tap or long press) - see gif below.



One of the lesser-known ways to access the passenger app is using spotlight search. We index favourited stops in the search so that users can simply type the name of the stop and gain access to it using core iOS functionality.