The ticket reference is a field that can be used to match up tickets sold in Passenger Cloud to other systems. It is not displayed anywhere in Passenger apps and is only used in Passenger Cloud for reporting, such as exporting sales information.

Ticket references can be left blank and can also be changed after a ticket has been created. Multiple tickets may share the same reference, though this is not recommended.

Ticket references may be included within QR codes for ETMs to use. 

Using the Account Reference to enable Ticketer ETM QR codes

If using Ticketer ETMs, this code is known as the 'external identifier' or 'External ID' which is added to the Ticketer Portal when a new external ticket product is created. The Passenger app is considered 'external' by Ticketer's system. 

For a QR code to scan correctly against a Ticketer ETM the ticket Reference in Passenger Cloud must exactly match the External ID of the same ticket product in Ticketer's Portal.

The code must be a maximum of 4 alphanumeric characters, e.g. AW07. This length restriction is set by Ticketer. Passenger Cloud does not have the same restrictions for its ticket Reference field.