Fixed date tickets allow you to offer competitive or promotional pricing for tickets that will expire automatically at a specific time regardless of how much they have been used, if at all.  

Just like other tickets, your customers can buy a fixed date ticket at any time from the app. With fixed date tickets, the ticket countdown will always show the end date you've specified. The start date can be in the future or the past, so you can decide whether customers need to wait before they can activate it.

To set up a fixed date ticket in Passenger Cloud, go to the Ticket tile in Passenger Cloud and choose 'Create a ticket'. You'll be given the option to set up a flexible ticket or a fixed date ticket. Once you've selected fixed date ticket, you may choose the dates for which the ticket is valid in the 'Entitlement' field.

When choosing dates, the default end time is set to 23:59, the very end of the day. 00:00 is the very start of the day. 

So for example, a ticket entitlement from 08/01/2022 00:00 to 09/01/2022 00:00 is valid from the start of the 8th, to the start of the 9th - exactly 24 hours.

The start and end times can also be changed in the following view:

Ensure that you have selected the correct start and end date for the ticket and click apply.

Finish setting up the ticket in the usual way and you'll be good to go!